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Tuesday, 28 November 2006

Nokia or Pokia for you?

Refresh your excitement-hungry lifestyle with this attractive, retro, and crazy gadget. It is a definite attention-getter, a symbol of independent mind, unmatchable style, and fearless attitude!

The company Zoviva launched his unique Retro Phone Pokia, a handset that works perfectly with any cell phone with 2.5mm universal style audio input. Also you can buy an adaptor if your mobile doesn’t have the requested connection.

Take a look at this custom made POKIA VINTAGE handsets for mobile cellular phones.

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Thursday, 23 November 2006

MP3 Pillow - Hug your favorite song!

If you love your iPod and can’t bear to be parted from it even when asleep then this is the solution, the MP3 Pillow, a pillow shaped like an iPod.

These new pillows are fashioned similar to a portable music player. They are soft and durable, but wait! They are not just an ordinary pillow. The MP3 pillows can actually play your favorite music. The pillows have hidden pockets to plug in your portable music player and you can also listen to built-in FM radio.

To finish things off and make this one of the coolest iPod accessories going, the buttons on the pillow actually work, so once connected to your player you can control it by poking your pillow.

Take a look at this Auction, an MP3 Pillow in HELLO KITTY shape, Great for CHRISTMAS gift!